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Emily Crosbie

No Regrets Client

I’ve been coming to no regrets for 10 months now and I honestly cannot believe the results I’ve gotten in this short amount of time! I came to no regrets mainly to tone up my legs and arms and get a better bum! I’ve always been an active person so I was not overweight to begin with but wanted to trim down and tone up even more.
Before I came to no regrets I was doing pole dancing and yoga and surfing when I could. I thought pole dancing gave me good results but in the 10 months at no regrets I have seen way more of an improvement than I got from 3 years at pole dancing!
I put this down to the fact that as Nick says building muscle and having muscle on you helps burn fat, I never knew this and so while pole and yoga were great they didn’t give me enough of a muscular workout to get the results I wanted so I am just so stoked that I found no regrets and decided to give it a go!
For the past 10 months while I try to do yoga and home workouts and surfs as well as my no regrets training, sometimes life doesn’t permit this.
But the one thing I always keep constant is my 2 sessions a week at no regrets and I cannot believe how just doing this constantly and eating well has given me such awesome results! Was super stoked to be getting compliments on my bikini bod and bum over summer with one of my mates even saying I was starting to get model abbs woooo!
I really cannot thank Nick, Nathan and Mel and the rest of the team enough – their passion and commitment to the job is so inspiring and makes it so easy to get out of bed early!”

Renee Duscher

No Regrets Client

"I had been talking about getting back to the gym for three years and I just knew a general gym environment wasn’t for me. I knew if I signed up I would manage to find all of the excuses under the sun not to go…”Oh it’s too hot”…. “oh it’s too cold”…”I’m tired, I will go tomorrow”. I was really lacking motivation and needed steering in the right direction with diet and exercise. I finally made the decision to Google “personal trainers Mitcham”.
Meeting Nick and signing up for PT at No Regrets was the best decision I made. Having just turned 40 with two young kids I knew now was the right time to stop talking about it and actually do something to get me motivated and in better health mentally and physically not only for myself but also for my family. I remember my first PT session with Nathan, I thought I was either going to vomit or pass out or both!!
With my bad eating habits I hadn’t eaten breakfast before training – big mistake. I left thinking what have I done, I can’t do this and drove home to lie down!! Making some changes to my eating habits and increasing my water intake was the first step and this was not as hard as I actually thought it would be.
Going to a gym can be quite daunting, but I love the jovial, relaxed atmosphere at No Regrets. I really enjoy the great mix of exercises, it is certainly never dull or boring!
The support and encouragement you receive from all the trainers is amazing. I have not felt this good since I was 20! So thank you to all the wonderful team at No Regrets!"